Analog vs Digital

What’s all this about Analog and Digital, and all that, anyway?

Let’s face it, most people today spend almost a third of their life behind a computer screen or regularly in contact with one. They also spend a third of their life sleeping. What’s left is spent looking at their phones, tablets, or personal computers, with family, eating, cleaning, or getting ready to do one of those activities.

The “digital world” has consumed a significant chunk of our lives. It’s filled our lives with access to long lost friends, a wealth of information, some knowledge, and a seeming infinite amount of entertainment.

But what happens when you spend a third of your time looking at a computer screen, strategizing and orchestrating aspects of the digital experiences of others, in the inception of digital immersion? In my case, I turn to the analog – I fill my life with non-digital experiences and activities.

While my work is focused on managing an organization’s email marketing strategy, leading the production team, and analyzing performance, little of my afterhours are spent in the digital realm. Instead, you may find me outside or around the house working on some project or other, in the garage under a car, or chasing one of my kids around the house with the tinkle hands ready.

But, I also connect my analog life with my digital life, and that’s what I post here – connections between analog experiences and activities and disconnected yet somehow related digital activities.