About Me

About Me

I am Rory Alexander. Seasoned Internet Marketer, Web Designer and Web Developer. Education in Journalism with dual emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations. Career experience in eCommerce and Hospitality Management, Marketing and Web Development, as well as Brand Development and Management, and Entrepreneurship.


Husband, father of two, seasoned car restorer with emphasis in classic Volkswagens, multi-parallel-project home improver, Ford Raptor owner/abuser, fun haver.


Demystifying {Email} Marketing [Black] Magic” is intended to help cut through the clutter of “new” and emerging marketing media and concepts, a way to help non-marketers understand traditional marketing fundamentals and how they relate to current marketing trends and digital channels. Nearly twenty years’ experience in digital and eCommerce strategy, marketing, design and development, including experience in direct/catalog retail, start-up establishment and maintenance, gorilla and experiential marketing, as well as multiple digital channels, has helped form a unique perspective on the integrated nature of marketing.

While much of what we read proposes that marketing channels are being created on a regular basis, such as content and influencer marketing, and while many of the studies and analyses of current marketing channels provide guidelines, “Demystifying {Email} Marketing [Black] Magic” serves as a divining rod to the root of new and how they relate to traditional marketing.


Want to take the shortcut? Prefer images of words? Here’s the above in video form: