The Golden Rule

My (coming soon) series on “The Golden Rule” may seem redundant, repetitive, and, for many, unnecessary based on each topic’s relative “common knowledge”. But, as with common courtesy, common knowledge is often not so common. This first entry to my “The Golden Rule” series overs Email Frequency, hopefully answering for many the often-asked question: “How many emails can/should we send to each subscriber each week/month/etc.?”

To be honest, I hadn’t heard “The Golden Rule” identified as “The Golden Rule” until a few months ago, when my wife first mentioned it to our five-year-old son. I can’t remember the context, but I think it was for chasing his sister around the house, teasing or taunting her, something along those lines – stuff like that happens enough it’s highly likely.

Either way, I’ve found The Golden Rule can really be applied to range of situations, including marketer’s treatment of customers. Marketing has always involved turning contacts into customers in one form or another. And, unfortunately, many marketers lose their focus on the true bottom line, “The Golden Rule”.

My intention is to help you understand how The Golden Rule applies to marketing, particularly Email Marketing, based on a number of real-life questions and situations where I’ve applied it. The goal: to help you, and others, understand the importance of walking a mile in your (potential) customers’ shoes, treating your (potential) customers as you’d like to be treated, and marketing to your (potential) customers as you’d like to be marketed to.


So, you will see my following posts regarding The Golden Rule, and how I believe it should be used to direct our efforts as marketers, and people in general, to do right by both our companies as well as our customers. Hopefully, you’ll see a common concept form: base your marketing strategy on factors that drive you to follow a company, to buy their products, and to continue your patronage, and you will succeed. Lose sight of that simple concept, and you will struggle.

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