Think Unblast Perspective: “The Secret” of Effective Email Marketing Version 2

“He who chases two birds catches neither.” – Kongwe, The Lion Guard
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Now I’m sure you’re a bit put off by the idea of the “unblast” – most are. How could sending less drive more conversions?

According to the infinite “Wisdom of Kongwe” from Disney’s The Lion Guard cartoon, “he who chases two birds catches neither” – a perfect summation of one of the key failures of non-targeted emails noted in my original post on the topic of four other four-letter word of email marketing: “blast”.

Yes, I do expect you, and I expect the same from myself, to listen to Kongwe here – if you set out to convert everyone, you will convert (almost) no one. But, if you instead set out to convert just one segment of your total target, you have far greater chance to convert.

How so? If you chase one bird, you build a strategy focused on catching just it: you determine where it is, what it is doing, and the best time to catch it. And, your chances of success are much greater based on the strategy involved.

But, if your strategy is based on multiple targets, if you attempt to catch multiple targets, you are not able to determine exactly where they are, what they are doing, or the best time to catch them. The result is reducing your chances of catching any target.

So “The Wisdom of Kongwe” is directly related to email marketing: “He who sends a blast to multiple targets converts none.”

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