Think Unblast: “The Secret” of Effective Email Marketing

Many marketing professions like to say (and some even believe) that they have the secret of marketing, the secret to turn your “failing” marketing program around with a few simple steps. Well, they’re wrong. If it was that easy, none of us marketers would have jobs. If it was that easy, a computer program would be developed and implemented running those steps, and all marketers would be out of jobs.

No, the reality is that there is a secret to email marketing that many overlook or fail to recognize or understand. There is a secret that can help nearly any email marketing program be more successful, but it is incredibly difficult to utilize. Ironically, this “secret” is right in from of us, hiding because we choose to utilize a different strategy, as it typically requires a complete paradigm shift across multiple business channels, and that paradigm shift is even more critical if your email marketing messages are typically called “email blasts”, “e-blasts”, or anything else using the word “blast”.

If you read my last post on email “blasts”, you may remember that “blast” is the four-letter word of email marketing. Well, if you fall into the “blast trap” that so many do, and you refer to your email marketing campaigns as “blasts”, chances are that your email marketing program could use some improvement, and it’s likely there’s a lot of room for improvement. So, I should be selling you a “secret”, taking lots of money from you, and providing tons of reporting data showing how much I’ve helped you, and asking for more of your money.

Rather, I’d like everyone to take the free, simple advice to simply “unblast” your email marketing strategy. If your strategy is to “blast” to your customers, you’re not targeting. If your content is designed to “blast” to a large audience, you haven’t optimized your content to your optimal customer. And, if you send any sort of offer to “everyone in the database”, you’re not speaking to your customers. No two customers are alike. So, no program designed to speak to everyone will be as effective as a program designed to speak to a targeted segment.

The unfortunate side of this is that if you’ve been “blasting” to your customers, you’ve likely lost some of them through unsubscribes. And, the longer you continue to “blast” your “blasts”, you’ll also continue to lose your subscribers and drive less-than awesome results.

So, take a step back, and start to think small. Small segments. Small groups. Small interests. Unblast your email marketing strategy. Your customers, and your bottom line, will thank you.

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